Case Study: Priority Express Streamlines Aeronet Worldwide’s Government Fulfillment

Challenge: Aeronet Worldwide, a California-based freight forwarder with facilities across parts of the U.S., secured a contract with the state of Connecticut to deliver dozens of servers to various locations within the state. However, Aeronet lacked a local warehousing and distribution solution in the region.


Solution: Priority Express, a trusted partner of Aeronet from previous projects, was contacted to provide a comprehensive logistics solution. Priority Express offered a combination of services:

      • Warehousing: Priority Express provided secure and spacious warehousing for the dozens of servers at their Connecticut facility. This eliminated the need for Aeronet to establish a separate storage solution in the state.

      • Cross-Docking: To ensure efficient distribution, Priority Express implemented a cross-docking strategy. Freight arriving from Texas via Virginia would be unloaded directly for sorting and preparation for shipment to their final destinations within Connecticut.

      • Storage and Inventory Management: Priority Express provided secure storage for the freight, with a robust inventory management system to track each server’s location and status. This offered Aeronet real-time visibility into the inventory.



        • Reduced Costs: By utilizing Priority Express’ existing infrastructure, Aeronet avoided the expense of setting up their own warehousing and distribution in Connecticut.

        • Increased Efficiency: Cross-docking streamlined the delivery process, ensuring swift movement of servers from the central warehouse to their final destinations.

        • Improved Visibility: Priority Express’ inventory management system provided Aeronet with transparent oversight of the critical server stock.

        • Enhanced Customer Service: Aeronet leveraged Priority Express’ local expertise to ensure timely and accurate delivery of servers to various Connecticut locations, ultimately fulfilling their state contract efficiently.



      This case study demonstrates how Priority Express’ comprehensive logistics solutions can benefit businesses with geographically dispersed operations. “Our logistics operation is designed to be flexible,” said Brendan Barry, LCB, CCS. “This allows us to quickly adapt and meet the needs of our clients.”

      By offering warehousing, cross-docking, and inventory management, Priority Express empowers companies like Aeronet to optimize their supply chains, reduce costs, and enhance customer service.

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